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Data Sonification

It is the transformation of relationships between data into perceivable relationships in the acoustic signal, in order to facilitate communication or interpretation». International Community for Auditory Displays (ICAD)

DeepSound (Me)

Relaxing Music Digital Platform

Turning Cognitive Unconsciousness to Instant music

thanks to the instant evaluation of the emotional state by AI process, that in neuroscientific scenario is named “Cognitive Unconscious”, the user can immerse himself in a sound experience of "Healing Music", deep sounds from his own emotional patterns. From emotional states by "correspondence" values, thus determining dynamic soundscapes, which in turn responds in an estimated time to our emotional states,all is processed by AI algorithms

we strongly believe that this is the key to increase the overall perceived wellness and to support a more mindful daily state. Indeed, despite the huge efforts spent in understanding emotions, we are often too distracted to truly understand what we are feeling in a given moment. This disconnection between our inner ego and ourselves is more and more resulting in the increase of stress level, with all its consequences

we believe that the first step towards a reduction of stress level goes through the understanding of the feelings we are experiencing in a given moment. To that aim, we designed an affective computing system able to analyze subjects emotional state, transliterating it to an emotional experience that allow peoples to feel their feelings trough their senses

Each listening session is never the same as another and is always different for each user, and aims to:

1) calm the Arousal levels to enhance focus.
2) increase the level of attention.
3) determine a state of relaxation and mental well-being.
4) enhance the performance of concentration in progress

The core of our system is an Artificial Intelligence module designed and trained to cope with this high variability, making possible to obtain real-time subject’s emotional shades from the biometric human values. As the music is generated based on feelings, each time the felt experience is new and different, allowing people to reconnect with their inner ego